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2007 News from du Clos des Castagniers

  More news of Sadie's offspring
Antony von Sconau (Jack Macks Fellow Felix x
Velvet Vyvianne du Clos des Castagniers).
Amy von Sconau (Jack Macks Fellow Felix x
Velvet Vyvianne du Clos des Castagniers).


  Sadie's daughter Velvet Vyvianne du Clos des Castagniers (Velvet) had a litter of eight puppies in 2006. We are delighted to report the following news about four of them :
  Amy von Sconau is now Junior Champion of Austria and lives at Margit Wendelin's and Hans Doppler's Von Sconau kennels with her mum Velvet.
  Amos von Sconau (Floyd) lives with Claudine Gerard and Laurent Delheille in Belgium. At the last Brussels dog show, he was BOB and obtained the title Belgian Junior Winner.
  Anthony von Sconau has qualified as an assistance dog with Partner Hunde in Austria (an accredited member of Assistance Dogs International).
  Alva von Sconau (Siofra) is Junior Champion of Germany - see the previous news item below.

  Sadie's granddaughter Alva von Sconau (Siofra) wins at Lausanne and Stuttgart
Alva von Sconau (Siofra) at Jack Mack's
(Jack Mack's Fellow Felix x Velvet Vyvianne du Clos des Castagniers)
Prod: Hans Doppler + Margit Wendelin et Prop: Gudrun Hartmann


CAC Stuttgart on 10.11., Judge: P. Harsany, H
Alva von Sconau, V1 CAC-J BOB
CACIB Stuttgart on 11.11., Judge: R. Blessing, D
Alva von Sconau, V1 CAC-J und thus becomes German Club Youth Champion.
CACIB Lausanne on 20.10.07, Judge: P. Delerue, P
SAlva von Sconau, V1 CAC CACIB
CACIB Lausanne on 21.10.07, Judge: P. Harsanyi, H
Alva von Sconau, V1 CAC CACIB + Crufts Qualification







  21 October 2007 — Barcelona (Martorell)
Miss in the ring at Martorell.
Miss relaxing in the camping car after the show.

  Miss won 1-Exc in Open class, CAC, CACIB and BOB at the Barcelona international show held at nearby Martorell. The judge was Sr Andrés Choclán. This finally completed her qualification for Champion of Spain.


  14 October 2007 — Spéciale Colley at Strasbourg
Artemis Aurora du Clos des Castagniers (Miss)
Artemis Aurora du Clos des Castagniers (Miss)

  Miss won 2-Exc in Open class at the Spéciale Colley at the Strasbourg international show.


  Miss shines at the French Colley Club's Régionale d'Elévage at Beauvoisin

13 September 2007 — Miss won 1st, excellent, in Classe Eléveur (Breeder's Class) at the French Colley Club's Régionale d'Elévage held at Beauvoisin near us in the Gard‚ and came second best in the show. A record 13 smooth collies were present.
She also passed her test for sociability and obedience, the CSAU, with the mention "excellent".

The watercolour on the right was painted by Dianne for the cover of the show's catlogue.


  Miss wins BOB at the Spéciale Colley in Macon
Artemis Aurora du Clos des Castagniers (Miss)

On 2 September 2007 Miss won 1-Exc, CAC, CACIB and BOB at the Spéciale Colley held during the Macon international expo, beating several top French smooths. The collies were judged by Mme Larive (France).





  Goodbye Kinky !!!
Kinky left us for his new home on 25 August...

  The puppies' eyes are clear at 7 weeks...
The puppies have just had their first long trip in the car — to a specialist vet near Avignon for their eye examination (at 7 weeks) and microchipping. We are happy to report that they are all CEA, CRD and PRA clear. (Les chiots sont tous indemne de AOC, de dysplasie choriorétinienne, et de APR.) Kinky is now Champollion du Clos des Castagniers. Blacky is now Cierán du Clos des Castagniers after the Gaelic word meaning "the little black one" and will stay with us for the moment. The photos above were taken on their 7th week birthday.
  Sadie's third litter was born on 25 June 2007
Sadie had to have an emergency cesarean delivery of her third litter on 25 June. Sadly only the two boys shown here at 8 days survived. They are just starting to open their eyes and we hope that they will continue to do well...
  Confirmed — Sadie is expecting puppies!

May 21st — Sadie went to the vet's for her ultrasound scan. As always, it's wonderful to have confirmation that the mating succeeded! Estimated time of arrival — 22-24 June... If you are reading this, please look in regularly for the latest news about Sadie.

  Miss qualifies to become Spanish Champion

On 19th May 2007 Miss won 1-Exc, CAC, CACIB and BOB at the Spring RSCE Exposicion Internacional at Talavera de la Reina in Spain, under judge Mario Gil de Biedma. We are thrilled as this completes her qualification to become Spanish Champion.

In the ring at Talavera de la Reina
Miss with judge Mario Gil de Biedma
Miss by the sea on the way back

Miss celebrated her 2nd birthday on May 1st


After La Roche Posay, we set out directly on a three thousand kilometre journey to meet ANDREA CURTEN and to mate Sadie with her lovely male, Whashishi's Gideon. Sadie and Gideon being of one accord, we are looking forward to an ultra sound test around the 24th May and hoping for puppies around the 24th June. Thanks to Andrea Cürten for the chance to use her great dog. (set link to web site)

Sadie with Whashishi's Gideon

We were also fortunate enough to meet Joan Griffiths and Friedemann Weigel of Hof Waldeck and meet their lovely smooth male brothers Bud and Nuck, and the smooth breeder Claudia Schumacher of Rampant Lion where we met Cara, Kylie and Nuala.

Buddy and Nuck - smooth brothers living in
harmony in the Hunsrück
Miss, Sadie, Cara, Kylie and Nuala with Dobbie
on the left, at Schwäbisch Gmünd

In Germany, we visited many beautiful towns and drove up the Rhine and down the Moselle.


Nationale d'Elévage at La Roche Posay 14-15th April 2007

Miss attentive in the ring

Miss won first, excellent, in Classe Eléveur - Breeder's Class at the Nationale d'Elévage at La Roche Posay under the British judge, Mrs Ann Hollywood. The Nationale was a great success as always and the weather was kind yet again. Many thanks to all who help make the event run smoothly and make it such a great pleasure for all involved.

We met Sadie's "grand puppy", Amos von Sconau (Floyd) and are thrilled to see what a beautiful boy he has grown into. Amos lives at "Of Meadows". Congratulations to Claudine Gérard for Floyd's second place in youth class with the mention "excellent".

Sadie's 'grandson', Amos von Sconau (Floyd)
Floyd on the move
The setting of the show at La Roche Posay

La Roche Posay is a spa town specialising in skin troubles. The water is renowned for soothing skin problems and can be drunk from a fountain in the street. It has a lovely old town with a great arched gateway. The show is held on the town's racecourse by the river - a magnificent setting for a show.

Erfurt Germany 15.04.07

Alva von Sconau (Siofra) at Jack Mack's

Under the Irish judge, Joan Walsh, Velvet's daughter, Alva von Sconau (Siofra) at Jack Mack's won V1 CACJ (Junior CAC in youth class. Breeder: Margit Wendelin. Owner: Gudrun Hartmann.






Wieselburg Austria 15.04.07

Velvet Vyvianne du Clos des Castagniers
and her puppies Amy and Archibald von Sconau

Velvet Vyvianne du Clos des Castagniers at Von Sconau (owner Margit Wendelin) got a CACIB and BOB at Wieselburg. Velvet's daughter Amy von Sconau got excellent and best female in youth class and Archibald von Sconau (breeder Margit Wendelin) her son got best male in youth class.




St Honoré les Bains France 01.05.07

Miss in the ring at St Honoré

Miss won 1st, excellent in Classe Eléveur (Breeder's Class) at the Régionale d'Elévage held at St Honoré‚ and won third best female in show. The judge was M Christophe Dancoisne. We left St Honoré in a snow storm and drove our camping car over fifty kilometres of snowy roads!! We were relieved that the van handled well in these trying conditions. (photos)

St Honoré les Bains is another spa town - there was no time to visit it because of the special weather conditions. The camp site gave us a great welcome and found a space for the camping car in spite of the muddy conditions.

Luxemburg 01.04.07

Amos von Sconau (Floyd)(Velvet's son) at Of Meadows, won second place with the mention excellent.

Graz Austria 11.03.07 judge M Deutcher

Velvet Vyvianne du clos des Castagniers - owner Margit Wendelin - V1 CACA Amy von Sconau V1 youth class females Archibald von Sconau V1 youth class males

Valence France 04.03.07

Collies at this show were judged by the Hungarian judge, Mrs Balazsovits. Miss got first excellent in Intermediate Class and the RCACS and RCACIB.

Hoogstraten 24.02.07

Floyd got Very Promising in Puppy Class.

Luxembourg 04.02.07

Floyd (Amos von Sconau at Meadows), Sadie's grandson, won Best Puppy with the mention - Very Promising.

Montpellier France 28.01.07.

The judge at this show was M Kerihuel. Miss won first excellent in Intermediate Class and CACS and CACIB.

  Miss at Valencia, Spain 16-17.12.2006

Valencia offered three shows in two days. The first on 16th December was a National show. Miss won first, excellent, CAC and BOB. On the same day was the 25th exposicion de las cinco razas de la familia collie - the Monografica. Five types of collie are shown - the colley rough and smooth, the bearded collie, the border collie and the Shetland.

Our Artemis Aurora du Clos des Castagniers (Miss) won 1st, excellent, CAC and BOB.

The third show was on Sunday the 17th of December and was an International dog show. Miss got 1st, excellent and CAC, CACIB and BOB.

Settling down for the night in Valencia
Miss in the ring at Valencia

Valencia offered us lots of excitement from the thrill of seeing the orange and clementine trees in fruit and buying fruit directly from the orchards to the pleasure of seeing everyone out eating in the street restaurants in the middle of December. Camping so near the beach that you could hear the waves was good for sleep. The dogs enjoyed a run on the beach - great relaxation between shows.

On the beach at Santa Susanna
Waiting to pick some clementines

The camping was also a bit of an adventure as we couldn't park the camping car on the site of the show and ended up on a car park facing the exhibition hall, but separated from it by a busy four lane highway. We would have felt very vulnerable if a few hardy "camping carists" had not turned up and formed a group like wagons in the Far West expecting an Indian attack. Thanks to the Spanish Collie Club for all their help during and before the shows.


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