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du Clos des Castagniers Smooth Collies

Cierán (Blackie)

Cierán du Clos des Castagniers
(CH Whashishi's Gideon X CH Astrellita Gold Dust) born 25 June 2007.
CEA clear at 6 weeks. Hips (dysplasie) A/A. MDR1 +/-. TAN+CSAU.

On the way back from Castres, we stopped at Gruissan Plage, where Blackie met a labrador on the beach and they had a lot of fun together (see the video clip on the right).

Sur le chemin de retour de l'expo de Castres nous nous arrétions à Gruissan Plage, où Blackie a rencontré une labrador...voir le clip à gauche!



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The photos above are of Blackie at the Régionale d'Elévage held on 7 September 2008 at Belcodène in Provence. Blackie was 1-Exc in the Young Males class, and also passed his confirmation test.
Please click on a photo to enlarge it, and then PLAY to start the slideshow.

Blackie is our first and only boy. We are really happy finally to have kept one of our male puppies always having had a soft spot for them from Sunny full of fun to beautiful Zeph and shy Pepper; from Van who is so close to people to Arion, our little rough who was so intelligent and so advanced for his age as a puppy. Blackie combines many of the qualities of these puppies, but is still his own person - an individual with a strong personality. He is full of fun and has a sense of humour like Sunny. He has a lovely head like Zeph. He is advanced and intelligent like Arion and loves agility like both Sunny and Arion. Like Arion, he woke us up from the age of one month on to go out to do his peepee. He never dirtied his bed or nest area from that age on. He has a little shy side like Pepper - he doesn't take to people who put their hand towards his head, but is completely at ease with anyone who has a dog and with everyone at agility or at shows.

And last - like Van, he is very close to us - he is the one who competes for the bed nearest us in the living room and likes to sleep with me - a thing the girls were never allowed - boys always seem to be more indulged.


Miss - Artemis Aurora du Clos des CastagniersBlackie - Cierán du Clos des Castagniers



Blackie has boundless energy and is a great tease - his poor mother gets no peace. He is afraid of nothing - in agility he passed every obstacle first time he was asked and went to shows and took the noise, the bustle, the ring in his stride. He is very vocal like Sadie - he yodels, croons and groans - barks too sometimes. Perfect he ain't, but he's our little Blackie!!!

Created 15 September 2008. Copyright © 2008 Dianne and Parn Taimsalu.