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Le Clos des Castagniers Smooth Collies — Our Dogs


Sadie (left) and her daughter Miss, July 2006 - by a lake near Interlaken during one of our trips in the camping car.


Sadie with her 4-month old son Blacky in October 2007 during our trip to the Barcelona show.


Sadie (International and French Champion Astrellita Gold Dust) and her daughter Miss (Artemis Aurora du Clos des Castagniers) are our two beloved smooth collies. Both girls are calm in the house and sporty outside it. (They both love agility and running in the forest outside our home). Friendly and outgoing dogs, they both enjoy visits from our friends and meeting other dogs in the wild park where we go two or three times a week. Neither dog has an aggressive bone in her body. Educating smooths is so simple - they are naturally obedient, but never shout - you will obtain the opposite effect. A firm tone is enough.

We have travelled 12,000 kilometres this year in our camping car and the dogs have been our constant companions. Perfect travellers, they nonetheless enjoy our frequent stops when they can let off steam in a flower-strewn Alpine meadow or a sandy beach.

Blacky (Cierán du Clos des Castagniers) is Sadie's son with Whashishi's Gideon, born 25 June 2007.


Sadie (left) and her daughter Miss, March 2006


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