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Le Clos des Castagniers Smooth Collies

Puppy Diary

Diary of the Artemis litter — the story of Arion, Zeph, Sunny and Missy [PAGE 4]

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We hope that, when you look through these pages, you will be able to share with us the joy of watching a litter of puppies grow and develop...

Arion leaving
Nora with Arion
Arion with his new family

Our rough smooth, Arion, is going to a family in Switzerland where he will specialise in agility. From an early age, we could see that he was eminently suited to agility by his intelligence and his boldness. With our granddaughter, he followwed a squeaky ball over little branches, on the see-saw and through the tunnel.
This is a sad day for us — the first pup leaving — but he has found such a lovely family and is now happily learning agility.

Puppy School
A Newfoundland shadowing Sunny
Tunnel and bridge

Three puppies went to puppy school in July. They did some obedience work — sit and lie down and then practised going through the tunnel. All puppies enjoyed themselves and performed well and tackled the tunnel fearlessly. Of course, they were used to their own tunnel at home. The black point was for Miss and Sunny who are not good travellers. Zeph is insouciant in all circumstances, even when confronted by a ten ton, four-month-old Newfoundland monster. Puppy school closes for the hot summer months.

Sunny Leaving
Sunny with one of his new friends
Sunny's new family

Sunny's family couldn't take him straight away because they were going on a camping holiday at the end of July. We agreed to keep him for them and they would pick him up at the end of their holiday. Too impatient to wait to see their puppy, they visited us at the beginning of their holiday not far from us in Montelimar where they were staying in a mobile home. They were really happy to see Sunny — the family consisting of parents and three boys are a perfect match — Sunny being robust, playful and really happy with children. Sunny left us on the 4th August and is now living in Lille.
Puppies leaving is always a sad time for us, but at the same time, we are happy to see them off with their new families where they will live happy lives and give such pleasure to others.


Zeph has been reserved by a breeder in Sweden. This is a great chance for him to live with an excellent breeder and if he develops as he promises, he will do his bit for the race, taking the lines of Astrellita and Southcombe, Rowvale and Foxearth to Sweden and returning Oneway's blood in the shape of the genes of CH KORAD Skalle Per, Sadie's father. Sweden's rabies regulations mean that we will need to keep Zeph until December before he can travel.

Circus Tricks

Thought we would start our own circus...

Oops, Mum, watch out!
We got up but how do we get down?


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