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Le Clos des Castagniers Smooth Collies

Puppy Diary

Diary of the Artemis litter — the story of Arion, Zeph, Sunny and Missy [PAGE 5]

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We hope that, when you look through these pages, you will be able to share with us the joy of watching a litter of puppies grow and develop...


Throughout the long hot summer, the two remaining puppies enjoyed themselves socialising with family and friends, playing in their enclosure — going for walks in the forest or by the river, "helping" to gather the various fruits from our garden (apricots, plums, apples and grapes) and growing strong and confident. Around our house, they had frequent contact with local farm and hunting dogs and made many friends by the river which is a favourite haunt for Uzetiens walking with their dogs, besides being the site of the beginning of the Roman aqueduct which crosses the Pont de Gard.

With mum at the start of the acqueduct
Market Day: Hey! Watch it!!
Zeph meets the English setter from the neighbouring farm
A trip to Uzès
Sheep — "First Contact"
It's a tiring life!!
19-24th August

Today, we had sad news from our Swedish breeder. She may not be able to take Zeph herself due to health problems, but has suggested we wait until 1st October — as her friend is waiting for a puppy from a litter born at this date and if there is not a puppy for her, she would take Zeph. As we are enjoying having Zeph and would really like him to go to Sweden, we will wait till October..

After the Storm
Calm After the Storm
The Lake

The family were here visting and we had a red storm and flood alert — the worst level!! As the whole house was flooded in 2002, there was great trepidation and breeze blocks were bought to stand furntiure on for the eventuality. After two days of rain, we had a lovely lake in the garden to the delight of the pups and grandchildren.

Hey, wait for me!
I got wet!
The Sea, the Sea!!
My ear!
This is fun!

 A visit to the sea with our grandchildren saw the puppies finally wetting their legs in the sea where the waves were calm behind a breakwater. The breaking waves did not seem so alluring as the smooth lake in the garden. The storm had thrown up much rubbish which intrigued Miss and Zeph — dead fish were found to be delectable.

Léa and Missy
Mmm — this is good!


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