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Le Clos des Castagniers Smooth Collies - Colleys à poil court - Kurzhaar-Collies

Le Clos des Castagniers Smooth Collies

Puppy Diary

Diary of the Artemis litter — the story of Arion, Zeph, Sunny and Missy [PAGE 6]

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We hope that, when you look through these pages, you will be able to share with us the joy of watching a litter of puppies grow and develop...

A Visit from Friends and the Régionale d'Elévage at La Bouilladisse

Daniel Defos and Raphael Tarati of Oc Cottage Collies visited us in September with their three rough collies — International champion Sweety Blue du Clos des Duchesses, her mother Mazarine and Ramses, a blue male. We went together to the régionale — a 2-hour drive from us. Miss and Zeph both got Très Prometteur in puppy class - a very encouraging start for them. Sadie got BOB. We had a wonderful day at our first show for a year and came back loaded with cups and a sack of food kindly offered by the organisers.

The judge thought we were OK
Might as well have a kip
The waiting game
Come on, let's get on with it!
In the park of the Roman aqueduct

The day after the dog show, Dan and Raph visited Uzes which they loved and then we went for a walk with the dogs by the river.

Dianne, Raph and Dan
Dan and Raph
Smooths and roughs in the quarry

We have a wonderful white quarry which has been abandoned, but is an exciting playground for dogs and children alike. The puppies decide on an escalade. We all had great fun.

A moment of calm
Hey, don't mind me!
The escalade
This is hot work!
Portraits - Missy and Zeph at four and a half months.



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