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Le Clos des Castagniers Smooth Collies

Puppy Diary

Diary of the Artemis litter — the story of Arion, Zeph, Sunny and Missy [PAGE 7]

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We hope that, when you look through these pages, you will be able to share with us the joy of watching a litter of puppies grow and develop...

A Walk in the Garrigue — Late September

Our first longer walk - we have been careful with the puppies - their joints are not ready for long walks yet, but on this day we risked one of our old haunts. It was quite difficult to find the paths — things had changed. The walk involves paths through wild garrigue and tamer truffle orchards. (Beware not to walk there in late autumn where you might be taken for a truffle poacher!!!) Everywhere are ruins and beehive huts known as capitelles in our region.

A capitelle
A ruined mazet with fireplace
1st of October

Our remaining two puppies have been to puppy school again. They are the youngest, at five months, in the class, but succeed remarkably well in what they are asked. Of course, sit and lie down, but also stay with a stranger and then come when called. Walk at heel with no lead too. All done by means of pieces of ham or cheese given as rewards. Then comes the fun — we are allowed on "the big dogs" agility course where we are allowed to jump an obstacle (of eight centimetres), climb a roof (put lower for us) and jump through a tyre (which we don't take to too kindly just like Mum).

Come (for cheese)
Over the roof with Fabien
2nd October

The breeder's friend got the puppy she wanted, so Zeph will not be able to go to Sweden. Great sadness all round. We have been contacted by a couple in Switzerland who have dreamed of a smooth collie for 15 years. They are retired and live in a house with a large garden on the edge of a forest. Ideal. They will confirm Zeph and maybe, who knows, he may even be shown. Whatever, he will have a life full of happiness and fun.

9th October

To puppy school again. This time, we must learn to come when called arriving on the right hand side, then passbehind our handler and come to heel in a sitting postion on the left. All very complicated for a youngster, but we are shown how to do it by following the cheese reward!! Finally, we must do a complicated figure which our handlers have problems following!! We must stay with the "moniteur" until called diagonally accross the puppy enclosure and come to heel by passing behind our handler. Then we must walk with no lead to the middle of the enclosure where we must lie down with the moniteur while our handler goes away. Then we must come again when called and lie down with our owner. Pretty difficult, eh, but we managed it and got lots of cheese into the bargain. After this, we got to do a small agility course — starting with the tyre, then the roof followed by two jumps (8 centimetres) and back over the roof and through the tyre again Not so difficult now, the tyre. Sadie has not forgotten her agility skills and will start training again next week — she may well try flyball.

Watching attentively
Heel, following cheese in hand
The roof again
This is fun!
Zeph Leaving

A so sad day for us — Zeph left for his new home in Switzerland on 11th October. But he will be really happy with his new owners and after all, this is what breeding is all about — providing wonderful dogs to lead fulfilled lives and bring happiness to people, while improving the chances of our smooths to survive as a race. Our new owners stayed with us for the night and had plenty of time to get to know Zeph, and Zeph left with them in full confidence.

I love you mum
With Jean and Alix in front of Uzès cathedral
A last goodbye!
And Missy?

Miss will stay with us. She is the tricolour female we have waited so long for. She and Sadie get on so well together and Sadie is so tolerant of her puppy's cheeky playfulness.


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