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Puppies - Artemis litter

Sadie with her puppies

Sadie (Ch Astrellita Gold Dust) had a litter of four puppies on 1 May 2005 - our "Artemis" litter, sired by Ch Moon Walker from Misstoff (Marvin). Here they are on 30 June, at 2 months. There are 3 males and 1 tricolour female: Sunny, Zeph, Arion and Missy.


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All the Artemis puppies except Missy, who is staying with us, have left for their new homes. We will have lots of new photographs of them soon.

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20 June 2005: The puppies had their first long trip in the car - to a specialist vet near Avignon for their eye examination (at 7 weeks), microchipping and first vaccination. We are happy to report that they are all CEA, CRD and PRA clear. (Les chiots sont tous indemne de AOC, de dysplasie choriorétinienne, et de APR.)


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WE HAVE A BEAUTIFUL ROUGH COLLIE IN OUR LITTER!!! (Arion, the one on the left)

Imagine our surprise when one of our puppies got longer hair day by day until the moment came when we had to admit that he was a cuckoo in the nest!! A rough collie among the smooth. He is Arion (we found Merlin didn't suit him), so Arion he is.

When he was born, we were really pleased - already, he was so well put together. Now, at one month, he is superb - he holds himself straight - his legs are strong and well proportioned and he moves really well. He is the biggest and strongest of the litter and the first to do everything. He already goes to the gate of the terrace and cries to go out into the garden to do his business!!

On top of this, he has a really superb character - he lies in your arms full of confidence (so do they all) and allows himself to be carried around. He is so playful and friendly and hasn't got an ounce of aggression in him.

Gerald Martin tells us that he won't have the full coat of the rough collie, but will be rather like the Lassie of the 50s and will have the good gait of the smooth as an extra.

Jeanette MacGregor tells us that in England, it is not uncommon for there to be at least one rough in smooth litters.


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Sadie with her puppies

Sadie with two of the puppies on day 17 - Zeph and Arion.

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